Submitted on 13 June 2019

The Cochin Port Trust has augmented its Container Freight Station (CFS) and pre-stage   facility   on   Willingdon   Island   to   support   the   International   Container   Transhipment Terminal (ICTT) operation.  

To control processing time for export containers before shipment through the new ICTT, the Port Trust has commenced pre-processing facility (the Pre-Stage) in its  Ernakulam  Wharf,  providing  single  window  processing  for  facilitating  customs  clearance for export containers from the domestic area. The Pre-Stage also provides clearance for the containers imported through the ICTT.  

The facility is set up in the Q-7 ramp inside Ernakulam Wharf and is equipped to  accommodate  30  container  vehicles  at  a  time.  Adequate  parking  facility  is  also  provided for vehicles awaiting on-wheel examination at the Ramp.  

Customs  clearance  procedures  like  seal  verification,  detailed  examination,  and other documentation procedure will be carried out 24 hours at the facility.  The Cochin Customs is facilitating speedy clearance of containers through the facility by providing adequate number personnel.